by forfeit

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This is our debut EP. Listen to it and get bummed out.


released July 15, 2014



all rights reserved


forfeit Chicago, Illinois


8/4 @ Blipz and Chitz, Champaign, IL

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Track Name: Hang, man
Drunk and out on a limb again,

highest tree, weakest branch.

I don’t expect you to hold the weight of me,

or my heart.

You’re growing up, need your own support

that my swinging body couldn’t possibly provide.

Maple, Elm, or Spruce?

My neck, your noose.

Late night confessions,

what’s the use?

Drunk and out on a limb again,

(string me up right, make sure it holds tight)

highest tree, weakest branch.

(my breath fading into moonlight)

Duplicating my sanity,

it snaps.

Long fall

short trip

no peace.
Track Name: Chameleon
alone on some train tracks and can’t decide where to go,

knowing full well the tracks go everywhere but home

nowhere to run and the tank’s running dry,

like the gin sitting next to my side

burning lips and coughing fits.

side effects from the nights travel.

broken glass on a broken dirt road,

i’ve walked it with my friends, but never with you,

no i won’t get to.

the moon’s looking and laughing at another pathetic display,

and i swear i never wanted you to see me this way;

with my heart out on my sleeve-

i should have changed into something less revealing.
Track Name: Leavitt St.
here i am, like the one that i left before

ironic and fitting, so now i'm sitting by myself

with the one person i hate the most.

all those nights longing for your affection, like a hopeless addict

just give me one last kiss

you swore that wasn't true,

that i wasn't a bother.

i think that was a lie too

(saddest realization: i can't make you love me)

now i'm not sure which is worse:

that i still think about you,

or that it still makes my stomach hurt.
Track Name: Acceptance
well i'm fucking sick of thinking

(things will change, this will end)

that this life's not worth living.


dead best friends, plenty of enemies

(arrows snapped, stabbed backs)

so if i give up would you even blame me?

when did it all begin to rust and fall apart?

i have my doubts you ever really tried right from the start.

corrosive kiss, it ate through me.

wrong coast, wrong brain, wrong chemistry,

a shitty heart that breaks too easily.

i thought you'd take me away instead of bringing me back

down that self-destructive path i can't go much further down, or i'll die,

or maybe you'd like that?

sometimes i think i would too.

it's not a coincidence when it keeps repeating-

that i'm the one worth leaving.

but i should be used to that by now
(sleeping alone)

because even when you were around, you were a ghost.
(sleeping alone)

i waited so desperately for you to appear,
(sleeping alone)

but you never did, and you never will.
(sleeping alone)

now i know you never will.

i hope you accept
(what you had, you lost)

i hope you accept
(carry your own cross)

it's getting easier for me to live without you.